Support and engagement, every step of the way.

Make the most of your Pasta King experience with our additional support and services. Kit out your serving counter, get training for your staff, and explore our other ideas and inspirational materials!

Free on-loan equipment with every order

You don’t need a 5* kitchen to serve our products. A simple electric hob is all that’s needed to bring hot, tasty food to your customers. Whether you’re after an extra contact point for serving away from the kitchen or rapid-serve support for your main counter, we can supply you with free on-loan serving equipment to match!

Training your staff for faster, better service.

Better service means more satisfied customers and faster meal delivery. To this end, we help by providing training for your catering staff. We teach them how to use our equipment, prepare and serve our sauces, and quickly serve it to customers – ensuring consistent, high-quality meals every time.

Spice up your menu with some recipe ideas.

All our sauces are freshly made and ready to simply heat and serve alongside a helping of pasta or rice. That’s not all they’re good for, however, and if you’re after some extra inspiration and variation in your menu then our recipe ideas are a great place to start!

Have any questions?

With so much on offer, we’re sure you’ve got some questions. Our friendly customer service team is always happy to help, but it may be best to first go through our FAQs – a list of commonly asked questions, gathered from enquiries by our curious customers, and answered to ensure you’re best prepared to bring fresh, tasty meals to your kitchen and venue.

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