All about Pasta King.

We’ve been hand crafting high-quality meals with freshly made sauces for years, supplying both our customers and yours with delicious, healthy meals – bringing them back for more!

Freshly made sauces for simple serving and excellent meals.

Explore the various aspects that make Pasta King including who we are, what we do, and why exactly we do it.

A food concept company

We’re a leading provider of nutritious branded grab & go meals in the UK’s food-service sector. We know that delivering good food made to order in our kitchens will save caterers time and money in their own.

Freshly made sauces

Over 40 different sauces, made from scratch in our BRCGS-accredited Devon kitchens and delivered fresh from our kitchen to yours. No matter your sauce choices, you can be sure they’ll be handmade with the care and dedication of our passionate team of foodies.

Simple and consistent

Save time in your kitchen without compromising on quality or flavour. Minimal effort, maximum taste, and the confidence that you can serve your customer an authentic, handmade, high-quality meal – every single time.

Our process is so easy!



After consulting your needs, your order is received by our Devon kitchen. We make sure we’ve got the right ingredients, in the right quantities, to fulfil your order at the right time – ensuring you get your tasty meals when they’re needed most.


Made fresh

Our expert chefs prepare your fresh sauce using quality ingredients. We make sure our kitchen is spotless, cleaning thoroughly between every sauce we make. Once we’re satisfied that your sauce is up to standard, we keep it chilled and prepare for delivery.



Day three is all about getting the journey ready for your meals. We package the products, secure everything together, and sort out the supply chain that’ll take your food from our kitchen to yours. All this ensures your meals arrive fresh and on-time.



Finally, your meal goes out for delivery. We keep our products chilled to ensure optimal freshness for when they reach your door, and ultimately the satisfied stomachs of your customers. Our products are suitable for freezing; just thaw before they’re needed!

Pasta King through the ages.

Explore the timeline of Pasta King – from our humble origins to the community we’ve built today. We’re always growing and looking forward to the next step of our journey.

Our responsibility to you.

We take our corporate-social responsibilities seriously. This means ensuring measures are in place to ensure our services contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Our CSR activities encompass a broad range of ideals for both people and the planet, making sure everyone involved – and everyone not – has the best experience as a result of using our services.

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