Why Pasta King?

For healthier meals, freshly made sauces, and professional quality, look no further than Pasta King – satisfy your customers with great taste they can enjoy on the go.

It’s more than just great taste.

Great food is more than just its flavour. It’s an experience for your customers that provides satisfaction and supports them to enjoy their day.

Whether it’s students in need of a healthy boost of energy, or hungry customers at your theme park, healthcare centre, or other venue, we provide everything needed for a fulfilling meal experience.

Some of the key advantages we offer are:

  • Great value – affordable and satisfying for your customers.
  • Healthy and nutritious options with great taste.
  • Made fresh to order – we make our sauces on demand as and when you need it.
  • Plenty of sauces to choose from, bringing variety to your menu.
  • Simple and convenient – just heat then dish out for speedier serving.
  • Increase margins for profit with our portion control.
  • Consistently high-quality meals that help build trust with your customers.
  • Save on labour / skill / time – Freshly made in our kitchen, simply heated and served from yours (low skill set required).

Healthy, balanced meals that customers will crave.

Bring healthy, nutritious meals to your venue from our BRCGS certified kitchen in Devon, run by professional chefs. All our products are low in saturated fats and sugar, contain no additives, and are free from palm oil. Our tomato-based sauces contribute to one of your 5 a day, and we’re nutritionally compliant to all school standards.

We meet the Public Health England 2024 salt targets, offering carefully balanced salt content in our meals. Carrot acts as a natural sweetener for our sauces while also providing essential vitamins, and we use the finest pasta and tomatoes with full traceability for all our ingredients.

Sauces sourced sustainably.

We take pride in our sustainably sourced ingredients, bringing great meals that provide benefits not just to you and your customers but to the local economy and the environment as a whole.

Our pasta and sauces are all made in the UK, with meat that’s fully traceable back to the farm it came from. Our British meat is Red Tractor assured, and all our products are free from palm oil. Plus, we offer a full range of vegetarian sauce options, with plenty of vegan options to pick from as well.

Choose from a wide range.

Keep up with ever-changing customer demands by using our expansive range of brands and meal options. With over forty sauce to choose from there will be something for everyone.

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