Flavourful Rice for Full-Bodied Meals.

Robust basmati rice – one of your carb allocation choices – for freshly made sauces from Pasta King. The perfect pairing for curries, chilli, and more!

Soft, fluffy rice that’s more than just nice.

At Pasta King, we do more than just pasta. Our hearty basmati rice is a great alternative choice for carbs, providing a different sensation and taste for many of our classic range of sauces. Our great tasting rice is one of the choices for your free allocation of carbs, given with no extra charge alongside every purchase of our freshly made sauces.

Our rice comes dried – all you need to do is cook it. Once cooked, it can be instantly refreshed in our serving units. Complete your food stand, meal hall, or provide a grab & go solution with Pasta King pots!

Choose your sauce.

Accompany our great sauces with a helping of robust basmati rice. Soft, fluffy, and cooked to perfection, our rice is the perfect side for many of our range of forty options. Serve your rice alongside our variety of sauce choices, catering to all different taste profiles while carefully balancing nutrients and portion sizes with our portion control. Keep them coming back for more with our tasty selection of classic Pasta King sauces or go for a little adventure with our Street Kitchen range.

Fresh sauce, fluffy rice.

Our bain-maire serving units makes serving your meals a breeze. Keep your rice and sauce hot and ready for when customers need it. Get healthy food to your customers quickly and easily, with pots to help them eat on the go!

  1. Place required amount of rice into a saucepan and cover with cold water (with at least 10cm of water above the level of rice).
  2. Bring to the boil.
  3. Simmer for approximately 12-15 minutes.
  4. The rice should be al dente, drain and place into container and into a preheated servery.
  5. Serve the rice on your dishes or in grab & go pots from Pasta King.
  6. Add a portion of the chosen sauce using the ladle provided – filled level, not heaped.
  7. Enjoy your tasty, carefully balanced meal!

Sauces and more, sustainably sourced.

Our head office and Devon kitchen are zero-to-landfill, reducing the ecological impact of our waste. We use electricity from renewable source, and offer a 100% plastic-free, fully compostable pot.

We’re committed to sustainability – our rice and other carbs are consciously sourced, meaning less impact on the planet. At no extra charge, our free allocations of rice are sustainable for you, too.

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