Our commitments to CSR and sustainability.

We take our corporate-social responsibilities seriously, ensuring measures are in place so our services contribute to the betterment of the planet and its people.

Why choose us?

The quality and sustainability of our meals isn’t just a claim – we have the accreditations and history to support it.

Red Tractor assurance

All of our British meat is Red Tractor assured. This means that when you buy our products made with British meat, you know that they’re held to the highest standard. Only food born, grown, and reared in the UK bears the Red Tractor logo – and all our meat is traceable to its source.

BRCGS-accredited kitchen

Our confidence in our services and supply chain are demonstrated through our BRCGS-accredited kitchen. This shows that we adhere to a set of global standards that surround food safety, storage, dietary considerations, and much more.

About us

We began as a family-run business, back in the early ‘90s. Since, we’ve grown to become one of the leading providers of nutritious pasta and sauces to a broad range of sectors in the UK. Now, we supply millions of meals per year to satisfy hungry customers at locations across the country.

Our responsibilities to the planet.

Our commitments include a sizeable effort to reducing the impact of our products and providers to the environment as a whole.

  • Waste management

    Through good waste management, we keep the impact of our products and services on the environment. We’ve reduced the amount of waste we create by adopting a “3Rs” mindset – reduce, reuse, recycle – reducing our packaging and making it more sustainable without impacting quality.

  • Carbon footprint

    Our efforts towards sustainability include lowering our carbon footprint. This means optimising energy efficiencies by assessing and improving methods and equipment, sourcing materials and services locally where possible, and monitoring and challenging the efforts of our suppliers.

  • Supply chain

    We source our ingredients, where possible, from British suppliers and sustainable sources. Our sauces are made fresh to order in our Devon kitchen, and we’ve ensured all our products are free from palm oil.

Our responsibilities to people.

Our products are made for people, by people, and as such we make efforts to ensure our activities benefit the community at large.

  • Our customers

    We produce healthy, nutritious, and tasty food for the betterment of our customers – and yours. Our meals contain no undesirable additives, and we ensure they meet or exceed government guidelines on food such as the strict sodium requirements for schools.

  • Our staff

    The wellbeing and personal development of each member of our staff is close to our heart. We endeavour to develop, train, and engage our staff, seeking new ways to support their health, wellbeing, and goals.

  • The community

    Giving back to the community is a core part of our mission, both through supporting community projects and fundraising. We’ve worked with the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal; donated over 60,000 school meals; supported students, hospitals, and the homeless; and intend to do more.

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