Freshly made sauces for business & industry.

Delicious and healthy meals for your staff with a wide range of sauce options to help drive performance, wellbeing, and productivity in your workplace.

Your productivity, our products.

Cut down on administration and wait times with our simple solution to meals for business and industry. Our pouches of fresh, nutritious sauce are ready-to-heat, and come with free on-loan equipment, meaning you can get great food without needing every asset yourself. Tasty and healthy, our range of brands offer quality ingredients and a variety of options – choose Pasta King for our classic range of sauces, PK Pockets for a quick and easy snack solution, or Street Kitchen for premium meals that offer something more adventurous. Whatever the taste profiles of your workforce, there’s something for everyone.

Benefits of Pasta King for business and industry.

Capitalise on the benefits of great meals for your workforce with sauces and meals from Pasta King. With multiple varieties and combinations to choose from, you won’t have to worry about your staff not finding something they’d like. Create a tailored menu that suits your every requirement, prepared by our expert team of professional chefs.

All our sauces are freshly made, packed with essential nutrients, and filled with flavour – providing all the elements of a rounded meal for your employees. Our sauces are made to suit various diets, requirements, and preferences, meaning there is sure to be something you’ll love.

  • Save on labour, time, and skill – we’re an extension of your team. Handmade, fresh to order in our kitchen, simply served from yours.
  • Increase productivity with our nutritious meals.
  • Improve the wellbeing of your employees with tasty, healthy sauces.
  • Seal any gaps in your catering with free on-loan equipment and additional support.
  • Allow staff to recharge more during breaks with lower wait times.
  • Freedom to eat where and when you want with grab & go pots.

What we offer.

It’s simple – our range of services give great food for business and industry that’s easy to serve and full of flavour. Quick snacks from PK Pockets or a full tailored menu with our delicious sauces, all fulfilled with ease through a streamlined process. Engage your employees with POS materials and receive catering support such as training, taster days, and your own Pasta King representative. Simply choose a sauce, add an allocation of pasta or rice, loan any equipment you need, and have it delivered fresh from our kitchen to yours.

Choose your sauce

Our range of over forty sauce options provides variety for every meal. All our sauces are made fresh in our Devon kitchen and delivered chilled to your door – making meals that much simpler. Just heat, serve, and you’re good to go.

Add a free carb

All purchases of our sauces come with a free allocation of carbohydrates to match. Choose between robust basmati rice and quality pasta made from UK durum wheat. Vary your potential recipes by supplying your own carb such as noodles, nachos, and more.

Loan equipment

Need equipment to serve our sauces with? We can provide it. Loan our specialised kitchen equipment for easier meal preparation, longer-lasting freshness for your Pasta King product with up to 45 minutes of extra heat, and stress relief for your main counter with our serving carts.

Choose your branding

Secure your branding – ours, yours, or a dual-brand solution – and personalise your point-of-sale with posters, fascia sticker sets, and bespoke kitchen styles. We also offer fillable pots: add our food to provide a convenient grab & go solution for your staff.

Other sectors we work in.

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