Sectors we work with.

Whatever your sector, we provide hot, tasty meals for fast serving over sustained periods. We offer healthy food & freshly made sauces to all levels of education, business, leisure, healthcare, & more.

We help you feed everyone!

From students and teachers, to nurses and patients, to guests and visitors, we help you feed everyone. Whatever your industry and audience, Pasta King have the mealtime solution for you. Want to learn more? Select your industry below or get in touch with one of our business managers to set up a site visit and begin your journey to simple preparation and healthy meals.

What we offer.

Our range of services give great food for customers – a simple solution for easy to serve meals that are full of flavour. Enjoy a quick snack from PK Pockets or a full menu tailored to your needs with our delicious sauces, all within a streamlined process. Make use of engaging point-of-sale materials and receive support through training, taster days, and your Pasta King representative. Simply choose a sauce, add an allocation of pasta or rice, loan any equipment you need, and have it delivered fresh from our kitchen to yours.

Choose your sauce

Create a tailored menu with great variety from our forty sauce options, all made fresh in our Devon kitchen and delivered chilled to your door. Providing delicious, healthy meals doesn’t have to be hard – simply heat, serve, and you’re good to go.

Add a free carb

All purchases of our sauces come with a free allocation of carbohydrates to match. Choose between robust basmati rice and a variety of quality pasta shapes, made from UK durum wheat. Vary your potential recipes by supplying your own carb such as noodles, nachos, and more.

Loan equipment

Need equipment to serve our sauces with? We can provide it. Borrow our specialised kitchen equipment to make preparing your meals even easier or keep your Pasta King product fresher for longer.

Choose your branding

Secure your branding – ours, yours, or a dual-brand solution. We also offer fillable pots: add our food to provide a convenient grab & go solution for your customers.

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