On-loan equipment fit for a king

With every order of Pasta King sauces comes free on-loan serving equipment to match, so you can support your main counter with convenient stations that offer long-lasting heat for your meals.

Pasta King serving stations

Choose from your own branding materials or those supplied by the Pasta King brand you choose, creating a distinct image in the eyes of your customers that will draw them in at every mealtime. This gives customers an easy way to identify where they can get great, hot, food with freshly made sauces at any of your locations.

Some of the main benefits of our serving stations are:

  • Help keeping your meals fresher for longer
  • More service points mean more happy customers
  • Meals on the move – grab-&-go convenience with the feel of a freshly made, healthy meal
  • Brand familiarity from our branding, or a personalised touch from your own
  • Quicker serving times for easier meals and satisfied customers

Refresher Pasta Bars

Most Popular

Midi Pasta Bar

Our most popular pasta bar, the Midi serves as a middle ground for servers – plenty of space for sauces and carbs, while still fitting into smaller kitchens and food courts. Familiar branding and visuals provide an attractive and noticeable landmark for service, with a menu board to show the offering. Suitable for counter tops or mobile use when mounted on a trolley.

  • Hot hold for 3 sauces
  • A container to keep your pasta or rice
  • Refresher unit to reheat carbs for hotter, tastier meals
  • Main unit is 750mm wide, 550mm deep, and 380mm high
  • 1 x 13-amp socket required
Small Spaces

Mini Pasta Bar

Even small spaces can offer great value. That’s why our Mini pasta bar is here – to provide fresh, healthy meals at venues where space is something of an issue. Attract customers with eye-catching branding and quickly show what’s on offer using the provided menu board. Suitable for counter tops.

  • Hot hold for 2 smaller sauces, or 1 larger one
  • A container to keep your pasta or rice
  • Refresher unit to reheat carbs for hotter, tastier meals
  • Main unit is 380mm wide, 600mm deep, and 380mm high
  • 1 x 13-amp socket required

Hot-Hold Pasta Bars

Midi Rapid Pasta Bar

A popular option for speedy service, the Midi Rapid is a great mid-range option that supports both variety and convenience for customers and servers alike. Bring familiar branding and attractive visuals to a noticeable landmark for service, showcasing the meals on offer with a menu board. Bring hot-held meals to the main counter, or other locations when mounted on a trolley.

  • Space for 3 sauces
  • A hot-hold container to keep carbs ready without a refresher
  • A mid-range option supporting variety and convenience
  • Main unit is 750mm wide, 550mm deep, and 380mm high
  • 1 x 13-amp socket required

Mini Rapid Pasta Bar

A super-efficient option for smaller kitchens and food courts. Make the most of your space while serving meals faster with our Rapid Mini pasta bar, keeping carbs and sauces hot without the need for a refresher unit. Support your sales with our point-of-sale materials and your own menu board. Suitable for counters, but not to be used front of house without an additional insulation guard.

  • 4 holds, interchangeable for sauces and carbs
  • Hot holds keep meals ready without a refresher
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Main unit is 360mm wide, 560mm deep, and 220mm high
  • 1 x 13-amp socket required


Frequently asked questions

  • Is the equipment free?

    Yes, all our equipment is free on loan when you regularly order pasta king sauces. Pasta King reserve the right to claim back equipment if orders are not maintained.

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) for on-loan equipment?

    Whilst there is no set ROI for equipment, we expect customers to be ordering regularly (weekly/ fortnightly) to warrant the use. This is something that will be agreed on a site-by-site case with our Business Managers. Pasta King reserves the right to claim back any equipment from sites who no longer order from us. The equipment should only be used to serve Pasta King products from.

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