Fresh from our kitchen to yours.

A diverse variety of healthy and nutritious sauces, freshly made from scratch in our Devon kitchen and delivered chilled to your door for easy, delicious meals.

NEW Street food range.

Explore our new Street Kitchen range. Combine top-quality ingredients with the style of urban food for healthy on-the-go meals.

Our original Pasta King sauces.

Healthy meals packed with flavour and nutrition. Our wide range of classic sauces ensures there’s something for every taste.

Different ways to use our sauces.

Get creative with our sauces and use them in your own recipes or ours.

A simple solution for sauce.

Our nutritious sauces come in a convenient, ready to heat pouch – with a free allocation of pasta or rice – saving you time without compromising on quality. We promote healthy living, providing nutritious meals with delicious sauces perfect for schools, healthcare, businesses, and more.

We’re here to make things simple – products designed with you and your customers in mind, prepared by quality chefs, made to order and delivered fresh to your door.

Our range.

Choose Pasta King for classic sauces with a wide variety of flavours. Or check out PK Pizza Pockets that provide the perfect snack solution. Fancy something a little more adventurous? Our Street Kitchen range offers intense flavour with more ingredients.

Paired with carbs.

Complete your meal package with a helping of tasty carbs. With any of our sauces comes the choice of a free carbohydrate on the side, meaning you can secure your entire mealtime solution in a single order. Choose between quality portions of rice and pasta, or check our PK Pockets for an all-inclusive handheld snack.


Quality pasta, made in the UK from 100% durum wheat, that stays tasty down to the last portion. One of the most versatile carbs around, our pasta is great with any of our sauces. Enjoy nutritional meals, vegetarian or meat-based, with our range of pasta shapes and sauce options.


Robust basmati rice that provides consistently delicious meals through superior flavour and texture. Made to last, our rice products retain their heat and quality to supply delicious meals from start to finish. The perfect choice for curries, chilli, and more!

PK Pizza Pockets

Our PK Pizza Pockets are a quick and easy snack solution. Focaccia-style pizza pockets, topped with a range of traditional options like BBQ, Margherita, and more. Tasty and wholesome, cut down on preparation times to get flavour when you need it most.

Sectors we work in.

Since the ‘90s, we’ve worked closely with organisations to provide handmade sauces for healthy meals. Our products are great for education, businesses, leisure sites, healthcare providers, and more, with a wide range of options and recipe ideas to supply tasty, nutritious food for everyone.

How it works.

Start enjoying our selection of delicious sauces by booking a free visit. We’ll work together to create a tailored menu that uses sustainably sourced ingredients. Once you place your order, we’ll prepare your sauces fresh and deliver them chilled – or frozen should you wish.

We can also supply carbs to go with your order. Need equipment, branding or pots? We can provide that too.

Book an on-site visit with an account manager