Your Snack Solution from PK Pizza Pockets.

Secure a wholesome snack solution with PK Pizza Pockets – folded flat breads filled with tasty sauce and carefully balanced nutrients to provide flavourful meals on the go.

Handmade & handheld.

You can choose from four great flavours for your PK Pockets – Margherita, Mediterranean, BBQ, and BBQ Pulled pork – bringing variety to your menu.

PK Pockets are a wholesome, handheld, folded flat bread – the perfect solution for a snack solution that’s full of flavour. Easy to prepare and quick to serve, PK Pockets provide a fresh, tasty meal for your customers to enjoy on the move.

Combine the great taste of street food cooked by professional chefs with the hearty feel of handmade food. Simply add your heated sauce to the bread, sprinkle with cheese, lightly bake, and you’re ready to serve!

Your PK Pockets Order

Each box contains...

  • 30 x breads 30 x breads
  • 1 x 1.75kg sauce pouch 1 x 1.75kg sauce pouch
  • 1 x box of greaseproof paper 1 x box of greaseproof paper

Our range.

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Halal Halal
  • Mild Mild
  • Medium Medium
  • Hot Hot


A BBQ flavoured tomato sauce

  • Vegetarian

BBQ Pulled Pork

Pulled pork with mixed peppers and onions, in a BBQ flavoured tomato sauce

  • Medium


A classic tomato and basil sauce

  • Vegetarian


A simple and delicious sun-ripened tomato sauce with oregano

  • Vegetarian

How to serve PK Pizza Pockets.

Standard serve suggestion (Folded)

  1. Heat sauce to 82 degrees
  2. Fill the bread with 50g hot sauce
  3. Lightly bake for 4-6 minutes at 200 degrees (ensure that the core temperature is piping hot)
  4. Cut in half and serve diagonally and serve on a Pasta King greaseproof sheet

Alternative serve suggestion (Flat)

  1. Heat sauce to 82 degrees
  2. Open bread
  3. Slice length ways
  4. Coat with 25g sauce per half, and add cheese or a topping of your choice prior to baking
  5. Bake as per the standard serve suggestion and serve on a Pasta King greaseproof sheet

Our process is so easy!



After your visit from your Pasta King representative, your menu order will be received by our Devon kitchen. We make sure we’ve got the right ingredients, in the right quantities, to fulfil your order at the right time – securing your PK Pockets and Pasta King sauces.


Made fresh

Our expert chefs prepare your fresh sauce using quality ingredients. We make sure our kitchen is spotless, cleaning thoroughly between every sauce we make. Once we’re satisfied that your sauce is up to standard, we keep it chilled and prepare for delivery.



Day three is all about getting the journey ready for your meals. We package the products, secure everything together, and sort out the supply chain that’ll take your food from our kitchen to yours. All this ensures your pizza pockets arrive fresh and on-time.



Finally, your order goes out for delivery. We keep our products chilled to ensure optimal freshness for when they reach your door, and ultimately the satisfied stomachs of your customers. Our products are suitable for freezing; just thaw before they’re needed!

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